Extended Consignment Agreement

Bride To Be Consignment will set the price of all consigned items. We do our best to research each item and price each appropriately. We try to price 1/3 of the retail value. Any items that we receive that are damaged may not be displayed on the floor or heavily discounted or donated. The consignment period is adjusted for your item(s). *We have the right at any time to discount items in our store for sales and or promotional reasons at any discount amount we deem necessary. Any time during your consignment period you can pick up your item(s). You are responsible to locate your items. Bride To Be Consignment is not responsible to notify you of your consignment dates and will not contact you when your items have sold. Items left after the expiration date, as marked above, will become property of Bride To Be Consignment and will not credit to your account. Bride To Be Consignment will not notify you at this time. All consigned items are left at your own risk. Bride To Be Consignment is not responsible for missing or damaged items. Bride To Be Consignment has the right to remove your items from a box / bag to display item(s) better. We will not keep your box / bag with the item(s). Any fireworks, paint, stains or dyes in any form cannot be accepted and will be disposed of if found in your consignment items. A complete list of items not accepted for consignment is available upon request. You will not be notified if these items are found and disposed of.

Payments from your account can be used as either as store credit or can be mailed to you for a $1 charge. You are responsible for contacting Bride To Be Consignment and requesting your payment. We do not send out checks automatically. One year after last expiration date, all money in account is forfeited.

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